Engaging Vitality: Fluids - Review and Expansion


The FUNDAMENTALS (Module 1-3) were really the beginning of the road. After that, we continue finetuning our perception and our antennas; when we believe that we arrived at the end of the road, a forking in the way takes us into another yet unexplored territory.

We got familiar with the Fluid body and the Fluid Tide during the FUNDAMENTALS. We continued to explore the Morphology of the Ba Mai in the Fluid Body, devoting an entire 2-day gathering for the exploration. But that was not the end of it! There are still some more nuances we can explore within the way the Fluids manifest, and this is what we do during this review and expansion gathering.

Tides and waves:

During the FUNDAMENTALS we learnt about the Fluid Tide. We learnt it sometimes shows up, sometimes it doesn’t, and we learnt the many ways it is useful to perceive it - and in this gathering, we will revisit this. But there is yet another manifestation of the Fluids, one that shows up mostly when the system has reached a very coherent and deep state of quiescence, where the Fluids show a Wave-like motion, not so much a Tide-like motion. The quality of the Fluids also changes a lot. This shift in the state of the Fluids has great clinical value, and it can be facilitated but never pushed to manifest. Hence the introduction of the Fluid Waves only after we have been exposed and have been working with the Fluids for at least some time…

Identifying and understanding this shift of the Fluids helps us engage in yet another stage of quiescence and dynamic stillness, where the primal qi has more room to pervade form and drive function.

In the Intermediate Level Class about Midspace (you can check the content of this class here) you can further explore the importance and framework of engaging the primal qi. In this Fluids review and expansion gathering we facilitate the conditions for you to have a reference of how to navigate towards that direction.

During this gathering we will review our basic knowledge about the Fluids, both as Fluid Body and as Fluid Tide, and after we’ll go over into exploring how to create the conditions to facilitate the manifestation of the Fluid Wave.

The specific content of the gathering will always have some variation according to the individual group since it includes the aspect of review.

Course structure

As a general guideline, the structure is:

Day 1 – Morning

Revisiting the Fluid Body – Revisiting the Yuan Qi as a template – Scales of reality, same phenomena in different manifestations of reality

Day 1 – Afternoon

– Coming into contact with progressive states of quiescence, from SOQ Neutral to Ba Mai as a unit in Fluid Body.


Day 2 – Morning

The quiescence and unity framework – further explorations into the Fluid’s qualities – clinical importance

Day 2 – Afternoon

Putting it all together – the whole treatment context.

Dozentin Rayén Antón
Termin 04.-05.05.2024
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