Wen Bing Xue

The School of Warm Diseases


In the modern clinic, more and more patients are presenting with strange and complex conditions not well treated by Western medicine or by zangfu theory alone. In many cases, a profound knowledge of Wen Bing theories and treatment principles is required to achieve good results.

Wen Bing school is often only mentioned briefly and the knowledge transmitted barely scratches the surface. This class will give you a profound insight in the history and development of the Wen Bing school, and will open new doors to clinical efficacy.

Besides introducing the Wen Bing theory and key Wen Bing treatment strategies Greta Young will also explain how Wen Bing theory has significant clinical relevance not only for febrile disease, but also for many other non-febrile diseases. You will learn how to use Wen Bing formulas and the principles, so that you can produce effective results in both common and uncommon conditions, including autoimmune disease.

  • Discussion and application of latent pathogen theory and collateral damage theory
  • Explanation of the underpinning theories of the principal formula patterns
  • Contemporary application of Wen Bing theory and formulas
  • Modifications and use of specific strategies
  • Clinical applications and case studies in the modern clinical setting


Shang Han Lun and Wen Bing

Shang Han Lun and Wen Bing are often regarded as separate systems, which you can employ either-or.
As Greta Young Jie De is too an international reknown Shang Han Lun expert, she will teach you, how Wen Bing is based on the Shang Han Lun and how the formulas and treatment strategies have been developed over time to meet new challenges. A considerable number of important Wen Bing formulas have either already been employed in the Shang Han Lun, e.g. Bai Hu Jia Ren Shen Tang, or are modifications of Shang Han Lun formulas, e.g. Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang.

Additionally Greta Young Young Jie De will demonstrate how formulas from the Shang Han Lun can be combined with Wen Bing formulas to treat many contemporary diseases.



Day One

Introduction and development of Wen Bing Xue

Diagnosis of Wen Bing:

  • Introduction: History and development of Wen Bing
  • The four Aspects (Wei, Qi, Ying, Xue); key symptoms and signs
  • The Triple Jiao (Upper, Middle, Lower): key symptoms and signs
  • Tongue diagnosis

Day Two

Feng Wen (Wind Warmth)

  • Aetiology and pathogenesis of Feng Wen
  • Treatment strategies
  • Key Feng Wen formulas and applications:

Chun Wen (Spring Warmth)

  • Aetiology and pathogenesis
  • Treatment strategies: Cool blood, relieve toxicity and nourish yin
  • Key Chun Wen formulas and applications:

Day Three

Fu Shu (Latent Summer-heat warmth)

  • Aetiology and pathogenesis
  • Theory on Latent Pathogen and key treatment strategies, formulas and applications

Shi Wen (Damp Warmth)

  • Aetiology and pathogenesis
  • Treatment of Damp and Heat; differentiation of damp versus heat

Day Four

Qiu Zao (Autumn Dryness Warmth)

  • Aetiology and pathogenesis
  • Treatment strategies, key formulas and applications

Clinical Application of modified Shang Han Lun formulas for Wen Bing disorders

Dozent Greta Young Jie De
Termin 11.-14. Oktober 2018
Do, Fr, Sa, 10 – 17:30 | So 9 – 16 Uhr
Unterrichtsstunden 30 UE (=Credits)
Kurssprache Englisch (ohne Übersetzung)
Ort Klösterl-Apotheke Seminarräume
Waltherstr. 27 Rgb
80337 München
Teilnehmerprofil Ärzte, Heilpraktiker und andere Therapeuten mit Grundkenntnissen der Chinesischen Kräutertherapie und fortgeschrittene Therapeuten
Kursgebühr Bei Anmeldung bis zum 11.08.2018:
€ 675 | AGTCM-Mitglieder € 540
Bei späterer Anmeldung:
€ 755 | AGTCM-Mitglieder € 604
Greta Young Jie De
Greta Young Jie De

Wen Bing Xue Introduction

Wen Bing Xue Introduction