Rayén Antón

Bild von Rayén Antón
Rayén Antón started her path into chinese medicine in 2002 and then graduated as TCM practitioner in the Fundación Europea de Medicina Tradicional China in Barcelona. Later she continued studying various types of Japanese acupuncture with Stephen Birch learning Manaka style, Meridian Therapy, Shonishin, and graduated in 2007 as Toyohari practitioner with the European Branch of Toyohari Association. In 2011 started her path with Engaging Vitality studying with Charles Chace and Dan Bensky, and she fully integrated the Engaging Vitality approach into her practice ever since. She now runs the Engaging Vitality spanish study groups and also teaches the introductory module in Spain.  
She has been working as well with Prof. Manuel Rodríguez in Barcelona for his TCM, Manaka, Meridian Therapy and Paediatric trainings since 2005, and was part of his clinic team since 2003 and since 2010 she added running her private acupuncture practice in Barcelona.