Successful Treatment of Neurological Disorders with

Xing Nao Kai Qiao Fa


Xing nao kai qiao – translated as “Activating the Brain and opening the orifices” is a method (fa) in acupuncture, which Prof. Shi Xuemin originally developed to treat strokes. In the last years this method has been adopted successfully to treat neurological disorders like Multiple Sclerosis or variations of Dementia.

Due to the notable success, Prof. Shi has been awarded prices several times and his clinic, the First Teaching Hospital of TCM, University of Tianjin, has been appointed as national research centre for stroke treatment. By now, the clinic is among the ten major TCM clinics in China. Because of the influx of patients with neurological disorders from all over the world, the clinic even has a famous department for foreign patients.

We are very pleased that Dr. Fu Yu, who speaks English verz well, agreed to teach us the remarkable method Xing Nao Kai Qiao. Dr. Fu Yu is leading one of the most successful ambulances at the First Teaching Hospital in Tianjin. Born in a family with a long tradition of doctors of Chinese medicine, he has been taught Chinese medicine by his father and grandfather since he was a child, he is famous for his great knowledge of philosophical aspects and modern science. Since many years he has been working together with Prof. Shi Xuemin and published many scientific studies on the effect of TCM in treatment of neurologic diseases.

In this course Dr. Fu Yu will lay the emphasis on diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Alzheimer and vascular Dementia. He will start off with a theoretical introduction and will then continue to instruct in the medical treatments of different pathologies – he will do this in a very practical manner by giving live demonstrations and practical examples drawing from his long working experience. There will also be the opportunity to introduce your own patients with neurological diseases.

Dr. Fu Yu will also discuss complementary Chinese phytotherapy for internal and external use.

Dozent Fu Yu
Termin 03.-04. November 2018
Sa 10 – 18 | So 9 – 16 Uhr
Unterrichtsstunden 16 UE (=Credits)
Kurssprache Englisch
Dr. Fu Yu spricht gut und leicht verständlich Englisch
Ort Klösterl-Apotheke Seminarräume
Waltherstr. 27 Rgb
80337 München
Teilnehmerprofil Ärzte, Heilpraktiker und andere Therapeuten mıt abgeschlossener Akupunkturausbildung
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€ 355 | AGTCM-Mitglieder € 284
Bei späterer Anmeldung:
€ 385 | AGTCM-Mitglieder € 308
Praxiskurs Vom 29.10. bis 2.11.2018 haben Sie die Möglichkeit, bei Dr. Fu Yu und Thomas Neuerer in der deutschen Lehrpraxis des First Teaching Hospitals in Scheidegg im Allgäu zu hospitieren. Infos und Anmeldung:
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Fu Yu
Fu Yu