Greta Young Jie De

Bild von Greta Young Jie De

Dr Greta Young Jie De graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a Master in Wen Bing research under supervison of Prof. Kuang Guang Yi in 1997 and a PhD in Shang Han Lun in 2006. She did her internship under the supervision of the famous Shang Han Lun expert Prof. Liu Du Zhou.
Recognized as the foremost scholar in classic literature of Chinese medicine in Australia, Greta Young Jie De is a much revered teacher, having lectured continuously from 1998 to 2010 at Victoria University, RMIT University and Southern School of Natural Therapies. Shang Han Lun Explained, co-authored by Greta Young Jie De and Robin Marchment, was published in 2009.
In 2011 Greta Young Jie De was appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Education as “Foreign Expert” in Chinese Medicine. She was a senior lecturer at the International College of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine from 2011~2015 on major Classic subjects and Formula Strategy in Beijing.
Her new book Wen Bing Strategies in Today’s Clinic: Clinical Gems for practical application (温病方证精选与现代临床应用) is pending to be released.
Teaching for the first time in Germany, Greta is a guarantee for 4 very informative and instructive days.