Engaging Vitality: Qi Jing Ba Mai

Explorations on the morphology and Inherent Movement palpation

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After a couple of decades working on the Ba Mai and 11 years of work on Li Shizhen’s book Qi Jing Ba Mai Kao, Charles Chace, who was one of the core developers of Engaging Vitality, mapped out the Morphology of the Ba Mai on the Fluid Body. The Engaging Vitality palpatory skills served him to bring back to medicine the possibility of accessing the Ba Mai directly.

The Fluid Body and the Ba Mai share some characteristics, for instance they organize themselves around a midline, and they tend to layer. This, and the palpatory skills trained enough to be able to listen at the Fluid Body, are the starting point of the journey that takes us to engage the Ba Mai in one of their most direct manifestations.

We’ll be exploring yet another form of palpation for the Ba Mai in this seminar. The Inherent Movement palpation is a complementary approach to directly engage the vessels by listening at their movement. We can directly palpate or resonate with the inherent movements of the vessels, this offers another angle to approach them and another cross referencing tool.

In this seminar we will explore both of these novel ways to directly contact the Ba Mai and will be cross referencing this with abdominal palpation and simplified forms of Ba Mai pulse diagnosis coming from Li Shizhen.

General Topics

  • Revisiting the Fluid Body.
  • Revisiting pulse and abdominal diagnosis for the Ba Mai.
  • The Ba Mai as fields of influence. General indications. Trajectory and treatment holes.
  • The morphology, mapping the terrain.
  • Walking the path: Practice session on the morphology.How does it feel under ourHow to work with it in clinic.
  • Inherent movement: Generalitiesand conceptual frameworks
  • Palpation and recognition: Practice sessions to learn how to tune into the inherent movement of the vessels.
  • Putting it all together: Practice sessionsto cross reference the multiple ways of listening at the Ba Maiand work with it in clinic.
Dozent Rayén Antón
Termin 02.07.- 03.07.2022
Sa 10 – 19 | So 9 – 16 Uhr
Unterrichtsstunden 17 UE (=Credits)
Ort Schloss Blumenthal
86551 Aichach
Übernachtung Direkt im wunderschönen Schlosshotel, im Schlafsaal oder in einer Pension in der näheren Umgebung
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