Engaging Vitality: Midspace and Ignition


Ignition is a palpable process in which we perceive comprehensive transformations related to the influence of the Yuan Qi 元氣 (Primal Qi) on the body. These transformations express themselves as improved coherence, communication, connections and organization.

Ignition could be viewed as a kind of super De Qi 得氣, a situation in which the whole system makes a major shift towards a therapeutic change. If it happens it is a pretty reliable measure that some significant and lasting shift in momentum of the health of the patient took place.

This is not something which can be forced and not necessarily happens in every treatment. But we can facilitate this process and once so often it can happen in a clinical setting. For being able to facilitate this process the practitioner needs to rest in the SSIO to the best of their capacity. By recognizing the Shi 勢 (propensity) and Ji 機 (Qi dynamic) the practitioner could estimate if he or she has an opportunity to facilitate the Ignition. It deserves a certain amount of Yi 意(Attention/Awareness) of the practitioner.

Ignition is also closely related to the Mid-space and its dynamics. So a basic understanding of the Mid-space and the ability to palpate the Mid-space is crucial here at this stage.

This workshop has grown out many years of practice and experience of Charles (Chip) Chace who studied this material thoroughly and developed it in conjunction with other aspects of Engaging Vitality. At the moment this material will be presented by Felix de Haas a close student of Chip and because of his own background very familiar with this material.

In this seminar you will learn

  • How the Mid-space is perceived from TEAM and Inner Cultivation traditions.
  • How we can palpate the Mid-space
  • How we can improve the free flow in and openness of the Mid-space
  • How the opening of the Mid-space can facilitate the self-reorganizing ability of the body.
  • How to facilitate the process of Ignition
Dozent Felix de Haas
Termin 10.10.- 11.10.2020
Sa 09 – 18 | So 9 – 16:30 Uhr
Unterrichtsstunden 18 UE (=Credits)
Ort Klösterl-Apotheke Seminarräume
Waltherstr. 27 Rgb
80337 München
Teilnehmerprofil Akupunkteure, die den Grundkurs Engaging Vitality (Modul 1 bis 3) absolviert haben
Kursgebühr Bei Anmeldung bis zum 28.08.2020:
€ 355 | AGTCM-Mitglieder € 284
Bei späterer Anmeldung:
€ 385 | AGTCM-Mitglieder € 308
Kurssprache Englisch