Acupuncture for Sleeping Disorders

Face to face, if not possible: online

Leaning goal

After this course you will be able to treat more confidently sleeping disorders, such as difficulties in falling asleep, staying asleep, early waking and dream disturbed sleep.


Sleeping disorders have become one of the most frequently encountered problems in contemporary practice. More than 30% of the world population suffer from insomnia. An increasing number of patients mention sleep impairment as a primary or secondary complaint. Both the quantity and/or the quality of their sleep are not satisfactory and this could affect moods, weight, concentration and cause premature aging. Furthermore, it could lead to more serious health conditions such as chronic fatigue, heart disease, lowering the function of the immune system, anxiety and depression and so on. Acupuncture can be very effective in treating these conditions.

In this workshop Cinzia will discuss the most common causes of sleeping problems, from a wider, not just from an East-Asian medicine perspective.

She will examine the pathologies of sleep and discuss treatment strategies and point prescriptions in detail. In addition she will share case histories from her own practice, which cover anxious and stressed patients, menopausal and post-menopausal women and the elderly.


Dozent Cinzia Scorzon
Termin 26.-27. Juni 2021
Sa 10-18 | So 9-16 Uhr
Unterrichtsstunden 16 UE (=Credits)
Ort Klösterl-Apotheke Seminarräume
Waltherstr. 27 Rgb
80337 München
Teilnehmerprofil Ärzte und Heilpraktiker mit Grundkenntnissen in Akupunktur.
Kursgebühr Bei Anmeldung bis 15.05.2021:
€ 310 | AGTCM-Mitglieder € 248
Bei späterer Anmeldung:
€ 348 | AGTCM-Mitglieder € 278